“I’m under a lot impression. The door looks really great. Unfortunately I do not have more free space for making next door, but I would definitely recommend Your company to other people.”
Paulina Gołdon

“The doors are very well made and they blend in perfectly with the style of Mrs. Paulina’s apartment. I will definitely cooperate with you.”
Kinga Ferenc – engineer, interior designer

“I have to admit that the most beautiful things in the apartment are elements done by you”
Katarzyna Więcławska

“We took the door, they are beautiful just as we wanted, thank you so much :))”
Marta G.S.

“The doors are wonderful and I am delighted with them, and all friends admire and envy :)”
Beata Grosicka

“The door by Sophie Homestyle was a bull’s eye! They look beautiful and are functional! Thank you very much for the implementation!”

“I love it 🙂 It makes me want to use it “
Dariusz Wikliński

“I love you”

“The door/wall looks great. It is just what the room was missing, so I’m happy it’s finally here 😊”

“We are delighted. And this space! I cannot imagine living without this door.”
Krystyna Woźniak

“Very beautiful, gentle work. Revelation.”
M.H. Dymel

satisfied customer and official distributor SH