75th annual Cannes Film Festival, May 17-28, 2022

During the 75th annual Cannes Film Festival, which took place on May 17-28, 2022, my vernissage and the official beginning of cooperation took place between – Dominika Pomarańska – me – founder, artist and designer of Sophie Homestyle with Galerie Des Lyons in Cannes.
The vernissage celebrated collectors coffee table 1/8 series
DO YOU HAVE MONEY? Which you can buy in the gallery or directly by contacting myself. Only 8 pieces available mod that 1m x 1m model.
I have no words to express my fulfillment and happiness that the Young Artist Award gives me. I thank the world for this.
Please remember, dear customers, that every product that comes out of my stable will have even more value – because I am constantly working on my name and price as an artist in the big world. Keep your fingers crossed for me and invite you to collect and decorate your surfaces with my one-of-a-kind, collectible tables. Thank you for your attention.

Collectible Design PDF