I have been wondering for a long time how to write this post and decided to write to you in the form of a diary … because I want to share my happiness caused by @malgorzata.wojtyczka from @wojtyczka.interiors wojtyczka.interiors … so much …

As you have already noticed, we create metal-plastic doors and walls, at the same time offering designer collections of doors designed by me, Dominika Pomarańska.

The French Riviera collection has a very special place in my heart, because it is the first … of its kind. She had been living in my head for 3.5 years and she saw her first house over a year ago, thanks also to an AMAZING CUSTOMER from our beautiful Masuria.

Yesterday, on Friday, May 7, 2021 at the end of work after 5 p.m. I received a notification from Instagram @sophie_homestyle that I was tagged in the post … I look at the interior visualization with my doors from the French Riviera collection in gold as the main element at the entrance … I grab the phone, call the designer in a frenzy of emotions, asking if it’s true and that it’s the biggest surprise of the day !!!! Mrs. Malgorzata Wojtyczka did not even call before designing to ask if we have 3D models, she only created them herself! And she informed me that investors are in love with my door and no matter what the price, they must have them !!!! As the last person in through an instagram post …

I cannot convey my happiness to you, but it is a gift that I will remember forever together with the first client of the French Riviera doors. I share this to give everyone strength and proof that dreams come true in the most unexpected moments!

It is not only for me the sale of another door art, but a confirmation that creating something from the inside that did not exist before will find the demand because I create the supply by materializing my dreams and believing in them that I am changing the world of interiors consistently thanks to Sophie’s Homestyle doors, even when it’s very difficult or lonely at times.

I would like to thank Mrs. Małgorzata and investors as beautifully as I can for falling in love with my original door.

& personally very soon