"Open yourself to live in art, magic and unique design!"
Dominika Pomarańska
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Beautiful design cannot be captured. It must be lived with, lived inside of, used, thrown. We cannot see great design in its entirety in any moment, only glimpses of it. But it can always be enjoyed. Great design is not about admiring, it is about being.
& this is our philosophy at Sophie Homestyle Interior design…

Monaco & where the clients will take us

From the famous playground of the rich and famous in the Principality of Monaco, through the green fields of countryside be it in Poland or Switzerland, all the way to the vibrant city.
Sophie Homestyle is passionate about designing homes throughout all different lifestyle and places.


Every client is unique, and our interior design service is completely tailored to your needs from the project to the renovation. As creators we collaborate with the most talented artisans and unconventional brands realizing one of a kind works for you. No matter how big or small your project is , our role is to deliver the most exclusive and tailor-made interiors, to create spaces that are long-lasting and beyond inspirational.
Art is the essence of every interior for us.


You will be invited to a complimentary interior design consultation, where we will explore your needs, and aspirations, looking carefully at your budget and timescale.


In close collaboration with our trusted professional team of planning consultants, engineers and contractors we’re overseeing the planning, design and construction phases of each project from start to finish.