Payment methods
Bank transfer (traditional) - payment by bank transfer to the Sophie Homestyle bank account.
After confirming the order in the store, you have to make the payment to the bank account indicated below in the ING bank. The order is handled after the payment is recorded.
ING Bank Śląski, account no .: 04 1050 1012 1000 0090 8011 4078 Recipient: Sophie Group Sp. z o.o. ul. Ks. J. Sitnika 3/22 01-410 Warsaw
Title: order number
Online bank transfer and payment by credit card (PayU) - quick online payments in the PayU system, thanks to which the order is transferred for execution immediately after the transaction.
After confirming the order in the store, press "Make payment" button. In the next window, select the Visa or MasterCard payment card (if paying by credit card) or choose a bank (in case of a transfer) from which you make a deposit. This will redirect you to the login page of given bank. After logging in to your account, a completed transfer form will be displayed on the PayU account. You must make the payment by confirming this form. The bank will then confirm the transaction so that we will be able to process with your order immediately.