by Sophie Homestyle
Est. 2013

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The Sophie Homestyle doors are a capacious metaphor that allows to move between everyday life and fairy land.
Dominika the founder of SOPHIE HOMESTYLE and one of the artist as well as the designer, suggests that doors are a very special product with many symbols. They can be an allegory of people life paths. In addition, doors may symbolise a way out, piece of art or mood expression... that is why Dominika undertook to create doors with only natural materials offered by our fertile planet.

Our carpentry workshop

We are proud that we can offer you such unique products thanks to the accessibility of our own two-generation carpentry workshop. In our atelier we attempt to take care of every aspect and show affection to unique objects. We design with attention to detail and carefully observe what is beautiful and special. As a result of our work, exceptional items are created, which are a reflection of individuality and concept of Customers who trusted us.
“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us”
Helen Keller

Precision, craftsmanship and craft heritage

Focusing on authenticity and quality, Sophie Homestyle produces unique elements, reflecting a sophisticated sense of luxury and appeal that only improves over time.
Craftsmanship portrait
We design with attention to detail and carefully observe what is beautiful and exceptional.
Craftsmanship heritage
Hand-made items are rare and they represent love for crafts. Moreover they are inspired by the tradition of craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation. Quality only improves with time- this is our basic principle during the creation process. Our passion is devotion to detail and love for one-of-a-kind objects.
“Follow your bliss and the universe will open door where there were only walls.”
Joseph Campbell


The BARNDOOR doors by Sophie Homestyle are made from pine wood that comes from verified, local sources. Pine is a kind of wood which preserves its natural and original character even after using stain. Additionally it tints uniquely, leaving a beautiful knotting arrangement on its surface.
The BASIC COLLECTION consists of 10 juicy colours that provide beautiful shade for our doors, in the same time leaving the structure of the wood visible - we love this kind of effect!
The amazing scent of pine wood is an additional benefit that makes us focus on this unique material. Pine wood is long-lasting and perfect for the BARNDOOR doors.
“Never lose patience - it is the last key that opens doors.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


The metal hardware kit for our doors is primarily characterized by endurance and endless elegance. Both the door handle and the whole set of hardware are made of steel, which we paint with matt black varnish. All elements of metalwork are made manually for a particular Customer. It makes every door unique and allows you to feel the real handcraft.
The BARNDOOR doors can have a lock installed, but the customer has to put it him/herself. We sell our doors with hardware kit without any kind of locks. For aesthetic reasons, instead of a traditional lock, we recommend a chain lock or a door jamb. Thank to those kinds of locks the door will maintain its unique, barn character.
“It’s amazing what doors open when you reach out to people with a smile.”
Richard Branson


With great pleasure, we would like to present a unique BASIC COLLECTION of THE BARNDOOR doors by Sophie Homestyle.
Barndoor doors basic collection together with a set of hardware kit are created by 6 models in 10 colours and as many as 14 unique patterns.
The Basic Collection includes:
Single- and double-leaf door with sliding system
Ceiling mounted single- and double-leaf door with sliding system
Single- and double-leaf door without side panels (without door frame)
The configuration bar of the Barndoor products by Sophie Homestyle makes the process of ordering the ideal model for you an intuitive and pleasant experience.
What is most remarkable - we have chosen pine wood for production because of its unique knotting and unusual colouring with occurs after using different types of stains. Sophie Homestyle doors are solid and refined in every detail. Thanks to the vast selection and multiple options each model offers, you'll be able to find door meant for the inside of your home. The door will work with existing decor, or whatever you have planned for renovation as well as your new home. Choose for contemporary, ultra-modern, rustic, or classic decors when you shop from our wide range of options.
We usually treat doors as a practical closure of a room, while they may have many other functions. Above all, they are the first thing we see when coming somewhere and should be more than just a barrier. The doors can create the atmosphere of the entire interior; they can be a piece of art; they can be the door to someone's heart - they can invite or stop. The choice is yours.

Create your own Barndoor doors with us

We accept orders for products created by our team and offered on our website and for new products created individually for the Customer's needs. If you do not have a specific idea, we will be happy to lead you throw the creation process and construct a project that will suit all your needs. Just send us photos and dimensions of the place where you want the product to be placed and any suggestions / inspirations that you came over during you exploration for an ideal product. We will create a solution especially for you - we try to meet all the challenges posed by our Clients and, as a result, fulfil their dreams!


    Examples of individual orders

    Double-leafless door
    Single-leaf door with sliding system
    Single-leaf door with sliding system
    Single-leaf door without side panels
    Ceiling mounted Single-leaf door
    Single-leaf door with sliding system
    Single-leaf door with sliding system
    Ceiling mounted Double-leaf door
    Single-leaf door with sliding system
    Single-wing door without side panels/ doorframe
    Single- leaf shutters with sliding system
    Double- leaf shutters with sliding system