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BASIC collection of the BARNDOOR shutters

Shutters by Sophie Homestyle are an extremely original decorative element that fits perfectly with any type of architecture. Shutters may be employed for a variety of reasons, including controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a room, to protect against weather or unwanted intrusion or damage and to enhance the aesthetics of a building. We know how important the comfort and safety of users is, that's why all our shutters are equipped with durable handmade metal hardware kit. The use of modern technical solutions guarantees wide possibilities of installing the shutters, the details are agreed with the client and after taking into account the technical parameters of the building.
We encourage you to use the BARNDOORS shutters by Sophie Homestyle configurator tab, thanks to which the process of ordering the ideal model for you is instinctive and enjoyable.
The BASIC collection of the BARNDOOR shutters together with a set of hardware kit consists of 4 models in 10 colours and 14 inimitable patterns.
The Basic collection includes:
Single- and double- leaf shutters with sliding system
Single- and double- leaf shutters without side panels/ frame
Sliding sashes of shutters are mounted on two rails - driving, fixed under the window and guiding, fixed over the window. This solution is based on a technology used in sliding wardrobes in which sashes are suspended on a cart moving on the upper rail. There is a possibility of ordering classical opened or solid slide shutters. Both types are equally impressive as a decorative and protective element. It is a solution for Clients who appreciate innovative solutions. We have chosen pine wood for production because of its sole knotting and rare colouring with occurs after using different types of stains. The Sophie Homestyle shutters are solid and sophisticated in every detail. Depending on the arranged finishing, they give character to buildings in any climate - from modern and classic to rustic.
Single-leaf shutter with sliding system
Double-leaf shutter with sliding system
Single-leaf shutter without a frame
Double-leaf shutter without a frame

Our carpentry workshop

Our carpentry workshop smells of freshly felled pine. This is the place where doors, windows, and other elements are made. Thanks to the accessibility of our own two-generation carpentry workshop we know that our product will fulfil they purposes. In our atelier we try to mind every aspect and show love for irreplaceable objects. We project with commitment to details and cautiously observe what is gorgeous and extraordinary. Producing exceptional items, which are a reflection of individuality and ideas of Customers who put confident in us.

Precision, craftsmanship and craft heritage

Aiming on genuineness and excellence, Sophie Homestyle produces distinctive elements that reflect a sophisticated sense of luxury and appeal that only increases over time.
Craftsmanship portrait
We design with attention to details and carefully observe what is beautiful and exceptional.
Craftsmanship heritage
Hand-made objects are rare and symbolize love for craft moreover are inspired by the tradition of craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation. The quality improves with time- this is our basic principle when creating. Our passion is devotion to details and love for one-of-a-kind objects.


The Barndoor shutters by Sophie Homestyle are made from pine wood which we obtain from verified, local sources. Pine wood preserves its natural and original character after using stain. Additionally it dyes uniquely, leaving a stunning knotting on its surface.
The BASIC collection consists of 10 vivid colours that provide beautiful shade for our shutters, leaving the visible structure of the wood - we adore this outcome!


The metal hardware kit for our shutters is mainly categorised by durability and limitless elegance. The handle in addition witch the set of hardware are made of steel, which is painted with matt black varnish. All elements of metalwork are made manually for a particular Customer. It makes every shutter exceptional and lets you feel the authenticable handcraft.
There is a possibility of adding a lock for The BARNDOOR shutters but it is the Customer decision and it has to be installed in his/her scope because we provide our shutters with hardware kit but do not offer any kind of locks. For aesthetic reasons, instead of a traditional lock, we firmly advise a chain lock or a door jamb. These kinds of locks will allow to keep irreplaceable, barn character of our shutters.

Create your own Barndoor shutter with us

We accept orders for products designed by our team (offered on our website) and for new products created individually for the Customer's needs. If you do not have a specific idea, we will be happy to guide you and create a project especially for you. Just send us photos and dimensions of the place where you want the product to be fixed and any suggestions / inspirations that pounder in your head. We will create a solution aimed at your needs - we try to meet all the challenges posed by our Clients and, as a result, fulfil their dreams!


    Examples of personalized orders

    Single- leaf shutters with sliding system
    Double- leaf shutters with sliding system
    Single- and double- leaf shutters with sliding system