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Fill your interiors with art and magic!

Founded in 2013, Sophie Art Gallery specializes in contemporary art and cooperates with many recognized international artists.
Sophie Art Gallery will choose art designed particularly for you, which will give the right tone and value to your space in an ideal way. Whether it's a unique sculpture to the lobby or hundreds of graphics in a multi-storey building, we'll bring you the world of art and take care of every single detail, from concept to assembly.

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Specially selected works of art by Sophie Art Gallery from the collection of recognized artists with international achievements.
SCULPTURE – Oriraf - Rafal Tarnawski was born in Wrocław, Poland. In 1986 he moved to Lund, Sweden, where he graduated from the School of Graphic Design and spent several years working with photography, graphics, illustration and advertising. In 2006 he returned to Warsaw, Poland to study sculpture techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts. Oriraf utilizes a wide range of materials and techniques to deliver unexpected interpretations of the sculpted human figure; to distort, deconstruct, or encase his forms and reveal an emotional or physical situation - or to tell a story. For him, art is a form of communication - universal communication at a higher level, the level of aesthetics and beauty, that ethereal substance that is the core of this universe and gives meaning to our lives. Oriraf started his sculpting career in Warsaw at the Academy of Arts in Professor P. Gawron’s workshop. Since then, he has been sculpting full-time and has exhibited his work regularly in Sweden, also in multiple solo and group shows in Warsaw, Poland.
2007 – Individual  Exhibition, Warsaw, Poland
2008 – Individual Exhibition, SAAB Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2009 – Individual Exhibition, Gallery Art-Tu, Warsaw, Poland
2012 – Exhibition Hotell Bristol, Warsaw, Poland  / Galleri Lund, Sweden
2013 – Gallerii Soho, Warsaw, Poland  / Individual Exhibition, Private Gallery, Paris, France  / Individual Exhibition, Gallery Berg, Warsaw, Poland. / Individual Exhibition, Private Gallery Castle in Sulisław, Poland
2014 – Private Gallery Stockholm, Sweden  / Grand Theatre, Warsaw, Poland  / Galleria Zatoka Sztuki, Poland
2016 – ZPP, Warszawa, Poland  / Exhibition  Hamburg, Germany  / ART-Revolution, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 – Gallery Zatoka Sztuki, Poland  / Gallery Fort Mokotów, Poland  / X-Power Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2018 – Gallery Zatoka Sztuki, Poland  / Galeria Praga Południe Warsaw, Poland  / Gallery Art Sarapata – Warsaw Poland  / ART2FCannes – France  / Blank Wall Gallery – Greece (photography)  / Temple of Dreams – Warsaw

About Sophie Art Gallery

We closely collaborate with Clients to create the highest quality collection. From acquiring the graphics, through recruitment and cooperation with artists, to the current management of installations. Our entire team has education in the fields of interior design, furniture design, graphic design and business. We persistently follow and participate in creating the latest trends in art and designs in the world.
Our full commitment ensures project implementation on time and within budget.

For people with passion

Among our Clients are private collectors, medical clinics, main financial industry agencies, commercial property developers, high-tech companies and restaurants. We provide a full range of services tailored to your needs, offering the highest quality of art, original concepts and projects, projects management, artistic arrangements and execution.
At Sophie Art Gallery, we believe that art has a huge impact on good fortune and improving the quality of life- that's why we try to share our best experiences with both our artists and Clients so that everyone can feel special.

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We strive for excellence, integrity and the highest quality of work as well as fulfilling all enquiries witch is joined witch the highest level of personal service.
Having many successful projects behind us, we know how important uncomplicated cooperation with the project team is. Our team emphasis on respect and maintaining good relations with Clients as well as the employment of their intentions in our work. One or two meetings at an early stage of the construction process to discuss the most important spatial assumptions, the location of art and proper lighting as well as the interior design project allow to integrate it with architectural plans and support the efficient and effective implementation of the order.
Our task is to choose the perfect composition for your project, vision and budget. After the initial consultation, we present the primary concept tailored to your space and your needs. If we do not find a piece of art that interest our Clients, then we will develop new designs together with artists, producers and our team of designers and create them ourselves.
Sophie Art Gallery thanks to its own networking system of publishers, museums, galleries and artists is a transition between our world and the world of art. We are very proud of our relationships with national and international artists. We have a group of specially selected painters, photographers, sculptors and artists.
We are known for providing our work on time and within the budget. Working side by side with our Clients we care about creating the optimal budget to allocate into the interior design (based on a written valuation). An overview of plans of each floor or going on the construction side/ place of investment is a standard part of this process. Do not hesitate to call us and "brainstorm" - consultation at an early stage of the creation process take into account even a long-term executions.
No matter how big is the space, how many different artists there are, what type of art there is and if there occurs a non-standard setting, how long is time for completion - we always care about each of the details, so you do not have to worry about anything.
We will always design, create and deliver the best work. We devote a lot of time to the selection of the best designs and assured that they are delivered on time.
We are proud that in our group is Dusan- the best installer which can provide a truly professional setting for pieces of art. We are always on the construction side supervising our installations to ensure that every detail that we discussed during the project meetings is implemented exactly. We are completely devoted to the idea that only the highest quality and the highest standards matter.
Do not hesitate contacting us.