FAQ - general

What are the costs and delivery methods?

All orders are processed through a courier company. We organize shipment in POLAND and to the countries of the EUROPEAN UNION. Details in the SHIPMENT tab.

The order accomplishment time is no more than 6 weeks from the date Sophie Homestyle receives the payment. If you order several products, this date may be longer than 6 weeks and it is set individually for the order.

Depending on the individual arrangements between Sophie Homestyle and the Client , the period of the order may be extended or shortened.

To put the order for doors or shutters: measure the brick opening (hole in the wall in which they are  mounted). They must be 10 cm higher and wider than the opening, e.g. if we have a hole with dimensions: 80 cm wide by 200 cm high, then we should order doors / shutters with dimensions: 90 cm wide x 210 cm tall. If the hole is high and the ceiling is above it, then a ceiling mounted door should be ordered (the guide is mounted to the ceiling, and the door itself is high). After setting the dimensions on our website, use the configurator bar to select the colour and pattern you are interested in and enter the dimensions so that the price of the order will be calculated ( additionally you will pay shipping costs). All that remains is to pay for the order and wait for delivery. To place an order a metal-plastic structure, you must complete an individual order form – we will contact you as soon as possible and give a quote and details of the implementation.

If you make a mistake while buying  (by choosing a different pattern or colour), please contact Sophie Homestyle without any delay and change the pattern or colour you have chosen.  Reporting situation like this after some time, e.g. during production will result in covering additional costs related to the change of the order.

The products by Sophie Homestyle, particular the doors, are non-prefabricated items, manufactured according to the customer’s specification and serving to satisfy his individual needs within the meaning of art. 38 p. 3 act from 30 May 2014 r. on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827). They are unique items, manufactured according to individual requirements and guidelines of the customer, which are not subject to mass marketing. Therefore, the Customer is not entitled to withdraw from the contract (return) witch object are the above mentioned products without giving a reason and without incurring costs. The customer has the right to lodge a complaint in writing if he receives a product with a real defect.

Complaints should be submitted via e-mail to the following address: office @ sophiehomestyle.com or in writing form to the following address: u. Ks. Jana Sitnika 3/22 01-410 Warsaw.

The complaint must contain: name, surname, date of purchase, order number, description of the defect. If the complaint is reviewed positively, Sophie Homestyle will mend the defect within the agreed period.

FAQ - Barndoor: doors with sliding system& without side panels

Doors with sliding system have a wide range of uses – above all they separate two rooms. They can be assembled in representative rooms, in bathrooms, studio apartments with a separate bedroom, kitchen where we separate pantry. Before the war, in better homes and apartments, such doors, often four-leaf, separated a large living room from a library or a cabinet. Today, we are happy to design such solutions for apartments in the eclectic style, homes with an idyllic country atmosphere. They can also take a modern form to fit contemporary, minimalist interiors. Everything that limits us is just our imagination. If you are aiming on extraordinary and effective solutions, these doors will match your interior as much as possible!

Doors with sliding system fit wherever space restricts us, e.g. the side opening door takes up to much space. They do not occupy so much space when opening, so they are a very beneficial solution in terms of using the living space. Often, in a small studio apartment, they are used in the bathroom or bedroom. In the kitchen, as the door to the pantry. At home, as a representative door from the living room to the office, etc.

What do I have to do to order a door?

To place an order for door: measure the brick opening (hole in the wall in which the door should be mounted) – the door must be 10 cm higher and wider than the light, e.g. if we have a hole with dimensions: 80 cm wide by 200 cm height, we should order a door with dimensions: 90 cm wide x 210 cm tall. If the opening is high and the ceiling is above it, then a ceiling mounted door should be ordered (the track is mounted to the ceiling, and the door itself is high). After determining the dimensions of the door on our website, use the configurator bar to select the colour and pattern you are interested in, then choose the shipment and it’s ready. All that remains is to pay for the order and wait for the dream door.

The doors are made of pine wood. Pine is an amazing type of wood, which after painting with stain preserves  its character, ads beautiful dyed and highlight the knotting . The amazing scent of pine wood is an additional asset that makes us focus on this unique material. Pine is durable and is perfect for the barndoor doors.

Standard doors are 4 cm thick. Our doors are dense and solid, thanks to which they dampen and cover the rooms separated by them.

The doors come in 14 unusual patterns and 10 colours. You can see them in the configurator tab on our website.

Standard doors from our collection are dyed with stains in different colours, for now we have a Basic collection consisting of 10 juicy colours that give the door a beautiful shade, leaving the visible structure of the wood, we love this effect. Of course you can choose different colour and paint for your door, we will make every order, but individual orders are priced individually, there is no fixed price for such service, it depends on the type and colour of the selected paint.

Ordering doors in colours other than those proposed in our configurator tab involve additional costs. We do these kind of tasks, but they are priced individually depending on the type and colour of the selected paint – use the individual order form in the BARNDOOR tab.

The handle as well as the whole hardware kit are made of metal, which we paint with matt black varnish. Handles are made by hand and each door handle for each door as well as a set of hardware kit are hand-made for a given customer. This makes every door unique and you can feels handicraft.

The barndoor doors can be locked, but the customer has to peruse this service individually, we only sell our door with hardware kit without locks. For aesthetic purposes, we advise you not to install a lock for the barndoor door so that it does not lose its unique climate. If you need them to be locked, we recommend a door chain or a door jamb, then the door will keep its barn character.

Our doors can be used in any room. They work great as bathroom doors and often do. They are made of seasoned boards covered with stain and varnish, also the amount of moisture that is in the bathroom is not “terrifying” for our door.

The barndoor doors are suspended on a rail system. Between the wall and the door leaf remains 17 – 18 mm gap, which is necessary for the roller system to be able to carry the weight of the door freely. This eliminates the need to use ventilation grates, undercuting at the bathroom door, utility room or other rooms where there is no ventilation and it is necessary. Comparing this type of door to the barn door is a bit exaggerated because, there the system is more primitive and less accurate. The barndoor door leaf in terms of design resembles barn door solution (arrangement of vertical boards connected with horizontal and cross boards), however, it is made of dry and high quality wood, where the boards are joined together  carpentry jam not arranged next to each other (barn). Everything is impregnated and varnished. It should be remembered that they are not as tight as a hinged door with a set of gaskets. The door produced by us do not have gaskets, because they do not have a door frame. They are a movable partition separating rooms.

We hear various comments about good acoustics in wooden doors. The argument against the barndoor doors would be the acoustic insulation. However, when analysing modern hinged doors, they are also not better in this area considering the material they are made of – wooden banisters or in most cases mdf + honeycomb fillings … Our doors are made of high class wood, combined on carpentry jam and are 4 cm thick. Acoustic insulation of the doors inside the rooms ended with the appearance of tight windows and the lack of the obligation to perform ventilation grates in each room. Currently, for proper ventilation of the house, free flow is used, also when the door is closed, the air between the “clean” rooms (living room, bedrooms) and “dirty / wet” (kitchen, pantry, bathrooms, closets, boiler room). It does not matter if the house is natural or mechanical ventilated. For the above-mentioned reasons, the door thresholds are not currently being made, and their sash should be undercut (so that there is a gap between them and the floor with a height exceeding 1 cm). In such conditions, it is difficult to expect that traditional doors with frame as well as produced by us will be insulated from sounds from other rooms. Today, the function of internal doors has changed – it is limited only to visual and physical isolation. Therefore, the barndoor doors – both with sliding system and tilting – will fulfill their function of the partition well.

We offer 2 types of systems.

The doors are designed so that despite their weight they open and close easily and can be successfully mounted in children’s room, each child can handle opening and closing them.

There are no special instructions for cleaning the door. They can be treated in the same way as wooden furniture, wipe with a dust cloth and wood care fluid, but this is not necessary and dry cloth is enough. You can also wash them with a dampened cloth. The doors are very easy to keep clean.

Stained and varnished wood is protected at the production stage, it is not necessary to impregnate it during use.

Self-assembly is very simple, HERE  you can download the assembly instructions for sliding doors.  In  few words, it consists of: screwing the wooden board (we send it together with the door) to the wall, screwing the guide to it, which has drilled holes, then applying it on the door guide with screwed wheels. Installation of a door leaf without a door frame is just as simple. It is necessary to mount a wooden board (we deliver it together with the door and a set of hardware) on one of the edges of the brick opening. To the screwed board, we assemble the joints on which we will place the door.

The assembly of our doors is maximum 2 hours at a quiet pace of work.

Tools needed for assembly are: drill, screwdriver, dowels, screws, level, sometimes double-sided adhesive tape or glue (in case the floor is very hard, for example, stoneware tiles then it is the  best to glued the bottom guide to the ground)

It is necessary to remember that in addition to the size of the door in the product card, also enter the width of skirting boards – existing or those that we plan to purchase and install. The maximum width on which we can tilt the door from the wall is 20 mm (usually it is 14-18 mm). In this case, skirting boards cannot be more than 18 mm. We can move the guide by 2-4 mm to tilt the sash and it will still be functional – we leave a light adjustment range. If you plan slats with a thickness bigger than 18 mm, please discuss another type of slides with us – but this is at the stage of ordering the product, not after its assembly. For sure we will find a solution that will be satisfying for our Clients.

The waiting time for our doors is up to 4 weeks, much faster we can become their owners when we decide to buy faster. The sequence of orders is important when we speak about waiting time, waiting for the door depends on the current order placement.

The door weighs about 30 kg. The weight of the door is a confirmation of their quality and uniqueness. The door is made of 100% solid wood. The boards selected for execution are thick and decent, which is why the doors are not light.

Depending on the purpose of the room where  we want to mount the barndoor doors, it is worth considering what brick opening do we want. A typical brick opening e.g. for a bathroom is 80 cm for the passage to fulfil its function. For a bathroom designed for the disabled, such opening is 90 cm. The functional entrance to the room is also 90 cm in the light of the case

Our doors do not need additional case, therefore the opening for the door is also the openning in the light of the case – because the door frame is stated by the brick opening without anything additional. It is not finished with an additional band, its handling remains in the Client’s gesture. Typically, this kind of hole is finished like walls around. In the case of a bathroom, you can put there tiles like on other walls and finish the room like other walls of the room.

There are different ways of choosing the barndoor doors. It is worth considering whether we have a properly prepared wall for this type of system, which will be based on a wall or ceiling.

In order to be able to mount a sliding door, a suitable wall should be prepared, which will be able to bear a weight of approx. 100 kg – a wall of hollow bricks, bricks, blocks and other ceramic elements at least 8 cm thick.

If you want to hang this door on a wall in light buildings – OSB boards, plasterboard, etc. Use appropriate reinforcement inside the wall, which will allow you to maintain the system by, for example, inserting extra thick OSB in the axis of fastening the guide to its length and width with an appropriate supply of +5, 10 cm and a suitable thickness of at least 4 cm.

The same situation takes place if you want to attach the guide to the suspended ceiling – you should use appropriate reinforcement or other structure that will allow you to transfer the weight of the door with the entire system. Without additional reinforcements, we can install such guides for prefabricated, monolithic or wooden ceilings using appropriately selected dowels and bolts according to the purpose.

FAQ - Metalwork

Metalworking doors are handicrafts. It is not a product created in factories or production plants ordered by tape, but in small manufactories where everything is produced by hand. We offer a wide range of industrial doors and baffles made of steel, wood and glass characterized by solidity, durability and originality.

To understand how this type of door is constructed and why it is produced in this way – it is necessary to look into the history of the industrial style, which was started in 1950 in New York. It was connected with the recession and bankruptcy of many companies, factories and banks, which resulted in the need to develop old and abandoned post-industrial buildings. Artists and other residents of the city began to organize a new life there – workshops, meeting places, galleries. Unique items were made of raw materials: concrete, steel and glass, based on three values: durability, uniqueness and originality. Today, after over 70 years, we admire these values ​​and return to industrial style solutions. We design doors and metalwork made of glass and steel referring to the atmosphere of old factories, art workshops and loft interiors – now a synonym of luxury and exclusivity. The use of such dividers increases the standard of the space finish and its quality. The interior, in spite of reference to old times, becomes very modern.

The main material used at the beginning of The twentieth century to build factories was steel, brick, concrete and glass. Even today, we find many places, silent  witnesses of a bygone era. The newly designed door wings refer to material and style of industrialism. We offer you an industrial, loft, minimalist and rustic style door. The main building material is steel – a synonym for durability, usability and great possibilities. our solutions  refer to traditional, industrial aesthetics through manually welding of a steel frame with appropriate divisions. The cut steel profiles are welded, and later the weld spots – ground to obtain a smooth and compact surface of the frame. Elements that hold the glass from the side of the door are welded to the rails for single welds (usually it is not a welding through the length of the field), after glazing and energizing each field, the internal frame is attached to the screws.

For such doors and buildings cold-formed steel profiles are used, which are widely used in construction (steel profiles are ideal for building production halls and warehouses) and their main method of joining is welding. This type of steel has certain properties that make the finished product does not have a perfectly smooth surface. Steel is difficult to process, it is difficult to form. You need a lot of experience to create beautiful and refined elements from it. Steel processing causes that on the finished product we will see signs of manual work (in the form of grinds, abrasions, unsanded welds), joining individual elements are welded (and thus visible) – it is not a ready casting or a form. We do everything to make the finished product 100% polished – there is no room for duplication. Each element is individually cut and bent. Every single pair of doors becomes unique. Regardless of the style we choose for our door, each product is created with great care. They are characterized by durability and reliability, thanks to which they will serve for years, maintaining a good look and fulfilling their function without any problems.

Steel is raw, even after machining this feature remains unchanged.

What are the doors made from?

Our doors are made of metal profiles and angles, which we paint with varnish. Usually, we choose black matte lacquer while maintaining structures in a loft climate, but we encourage you to choose other colours from the RAL palette.

You can read everything about the available glass types and their properties HERE

We also encourage you to download a PDF file with a glass template.

The glass is 4 mm thick (the same is the glass in plastic windows). As for the height and width of the glass, it results from the design chosen by the customer. The glass can be square or rectangular, bigger or smaller, all according to Customer preferences.

A standard 4 mm glass is the optimum glass, exactly the same glass is used in plastic windows, therefore it is not necessary to order a toughened or wired glass, which is associated with a higher cost for the construction. Standard windows are installed in homes where there are children of all ages and it is not dangerous. The likelihood of breaking such glass is the same as breaking the glass in the window. Of course, at the customer’s request, we can assemble a laminated glass (such as in car windows)

We usually make structures in black matt, but there is a possibility of painting the structure to any colour of the varnish. Everything according to the taste and preferences of the client.

YES, our constructions in RAL colours are powder painted. We use hand painting only in the case of gilding and silvering the metalwork, because we care about showing the handicrafts in our products.

We do not make stainless steel structures.

The constructions are properly protected against weather conditions and are suitable for outdoor use – they are a great element for the terrace and the garden.

The construction does not require any special treatment – we clean it with a wet sponge, and glazing with a paper towel and glass cleaner.

The weight of the construction depends on its size. The constructions are very solid, 4 mm glass and metal give weight. The doors are very decent and comfortable to use.

Yes, you can order a metal-plastic construction with self-assembly. It is very simple. HERE you can download assembly instructions with photos on the example of vestibule.

FAQ - Barndoor: shutters

What do I have to do to order the shutters?

To  order shutters, measure all windows in the house, then enter the SHUTTERS tab on our website and choose pattern and colour that caught your eye. Then, enter the dimensions of the window openings to the configurator in order to obtain a valuation (cost calculated automatically based on the surface area) and click ORDER.

The shutters are made of pine boards. We choose this type of wood because of its texture and beautiful staining under the influence of stains.

Our shutters are stained with pine wood stains.

Shutters are protected by stain and impregnation against moisture and atmospheric factors. Mounted outside in the course of time, they oxidize beautifully, without changing their shape and form.

The waiting time depends on the number of orders, we try to make it up to 8 weeks.

Shutters are available in 10 beautiful colours and 14 different designs (exactly the same as the BARNDOOR doors). You can see them on our website in the configurator tab.

Our shutters are  suitable for all types of windows, they perfectly blend in with the wooden window frame and perfectly protect the plastic windows giving them an extraordinary character.