We create beautiful metal and glass doors, screens and partitions.


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Focusing on minimalism, simplicity and quality, Sophie Homestyle produces distinctive elements that reflect a sophisticated sense of grace and eclecticism, which intensifies over time.
"Metal-glass products gives homes the real wow factor."

Dominika Pomarańska

Our locksmith workshop

We have our own locksmith workshop, where elements of interior fittings are made of steel. We make glazed doors and walls in various types of powder coated partitions of a wide range of RAL colours or hand-gilt and silvered.
"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication"

Leonardo da Vinci


Thanks to the use of steel profiles, our products are characterized by durability and endless elegance. Default, we manually apply powder coated deep matt paint coat to protect the metal surfaces and to exposes the loft character of the structure.
Sophie Homestyle offers glass sliding and still walls, glazed constructions that can be combined with each other or with doors. They allow better communication between functional space zones in various types of interiors - private and commercial. Glazed constructions creates independent rooms and at the same time does not close the space.


Design colors can be selected from the entire RAL palette and from our new SHINE collection with a diamond glow:


We invite you to mix & match game with your own ideas.


In our projects, we use the following types of glass:
FLOAT glass - is the basic type of glass. It is transparent, colourless and perfectly smooth. On the edges slightly greenish or bluish, due to the presence of iron oxides in the glass mass. Its permeability depends on glass thickness
Available thicknesses: 4,5,6,8 mm


ANTISOL - Glass coloured in bulk. The intensity of the glass colour depends on its thickness - the thicker the glass, the more intense the colour becomes and the transparency smaller. It is also called sunscreen because it absorbs light and heat radiation.
Available thicknesses:
Brown – 4,5,6,8 mm
Graphite – 4,5,6,8 mm
Black – 4,6,8 mm


SUPER WHITE - It is a derivative of float glass, which has been completely decolorized - the greenish shade has been entirely reduced. This type of glass has better capacity to transmit the rays of light and is more transparent. It is used e.g. in the production of furniture, doors, due to extreme transparency and excellent mock of objects and colours.
Available thicknesses: 4,5,6,8 mm


STOPSOL - Float glass coated with reflective coating. This glass delivers good light and energy performances, ensuring the privacy and comfort of people inside the building and reducing air-conditioning costs due to its low solar factor. The surface of the glass gives an effect of a mirror reflection.
Available thicknesses in brown: 4 i 6 mm


WIRED - which is also known as Georgian wired glass, was invented by Frank Shuman. Steel wire mesh is placed in the glass during the manufacturing process. The wire mesh acts as a reinforcement. If the glass breaks due to impact, the pieces of glass are held by wire reinforcement in position. Wired glass is used since many decades as a safety glass as it prevents glass from falling during fire emergencies. Glass is reinforced with wire mesh to make it more fire-resistant and durable as compared to float glass.
Available thicknesses: 6,8,10 mm


LAMINATED TOUGHENED DECOLORIZED GLASS - Laminated glass technically has the same strength as regular glass but has a plastic interlayer between two panes of 3mm thick glass, holding them together. The PVB plastic interlayer is a tough resin which will hold the shards in place if the glass breaks, providing a safe double-layered design.
Available thicknesses:


LAMINATED GLASS SCHEME - Laminated glass technically has the same strength as regular glass but has a frosty /white plastic interlayer between two panes of 3mm thick glass, holding them together. The PVB plastic interlayer is a tough resin which will hold the shards in place in case the glass breaks, providing a safe double-layered design.
Available thicknesses:


OBSCURED - Obscure glass is a class of window glass used to separate spaces while allowing light and a limited amount of visual information to pass through. It is typically transparent, but has a surface texture that results in distorted and blurry images of a scene when photographing through the glass. The intent is to provide some degree of privacy.
Available thicknesses: 19 mm


The basic type of mirror. By definition, it is a glass covered with a reflective layer. Also available glass covered with a reflecting layer in a shade of brown or graphite.
Available thicknesses:
silver - 2,3,4,5,6 mm
brown / graphite - 4 mm


MORAINE - It is a mirror with an antique effect. It is a form of glass decoration acquired by the use of silver compounds, thanks to witch we obtain a wide range of colours and shades witch form into three-dimensional and illusory structures.
Available thicknesses: 4 mm


We present you the SHINING STAR glass collection by Sophie Homestyle which is fully hand-decorated with metal flakes.
The glass is available in four colors:

Antique copper

Glass can be ordered in any size as a filling for metaloplastic doors and walls as well as entire walls, showers, furniture and many more.


We decided to join forces with a French sculptor, whose specialty is also glass, metal and wood but in a completely different form from ours. Together with Arango, we have created a product that is representing art, as well as a functional element of interior which is doors and light in one. We look very much forward to see our artistic product in your unique homes.
All above equals UNIQUENESS.

Execute your concept with us - place your order!

We accept orders for metalwork constructions created individually for our Client's needs (any size). If you do not have a specific idea, we will be happy to help you and create a project tailored for your demands. Just send us photos and dimensions of the place where you want the product to be installed and any suggestions / inspirations that you came across during your research. We will create a solution especially for you . We want to offer our Customers products, which they can fully trust and to fulfill their wishes or requirements to their complete satisfaction!

mobile.: FR +33 6 81 43 50 68 - European-wide number, including whatsapp. In case of inconvenience, please text and we will call you back.
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