The luxury of a well-appointed home!

Our goal is to bring the tradition of quality and good taste to all the places we call home.
SOPHIE HOMESTYLE brand was established on November 16, 2013.
Sophie Homestyle doors are a capacious metaphor that allows us to switch between everyday life and the land of secrets.
Welcome to SOPHIE HOMESTYLE world
Dominika - SOPHIE HOMESTYLE founder, artist & designer, suggests that the door is a very special product with many symbols analogous to our life path. In addition, they can be a way out of the world, art or expression of the mood ... that's why she undertook to create them from only natural materials offered by our rich planet.
"I love you Sophie Homestyle. You’re what makes me excited for the future. You keep me ambitious. My heart is full because of You."
Dominika Pomarańska


With a focus on authenticity and quality, Sophie Homestyle produces unique pieces that are as true to form as they are to function, reflecting a refined sense of luxury and character that only improves with time.
Portraits of craftsmanship
We design with attention to detail, and the eye to what we believe is beautiful and unique.
A heritage of craftsmanship
Products made by hand are rare and they represent the love for craftsmanship inspired by a tradition of artistry, handed down over generations. Quality improves within age.
That’s the underlining principle for our home collection.
Designing for interiors, creating home furnishings is our area of expertise in which we strive for perfection.
Every detail represents our passion and love to create something one of a kind.

Dominika Pomarańska

- CEO, artist, designer

Creating is everything she is and everything she does. Collects life conclusions, quotes, through the use of colors, magic and fun, it is her extraordinary form of language, by means of which she communicates to recipients in the form of Sophie Homestyle products, interior designs, Barndoors or canvases. Having lived in six countries and gained international work experience has made her vision and style very unique.
"I was born to decorate places in the uplifting way, to make Rooms special. I do have so much to accomplish in this life and to make the world a better place." - Dominika's words, January 2015.
She is inspired by everyday happenings and the desire to acquire knowledge. Satisfaction and happiness gives her the opportunity to make her feel better thanks to her work.
Energy and aspirations in Dominika are unlimited.
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."
Albert Einstein

Jonathan Dos Santos

- artist sculptor (Marignier, France)

Jonathan creates light sculptures from various materials - metal, wood and glass.
Jonathan's vision is largely based on glass that sublimates wood and reveals its natural beauty; fills the flaws, prolongs impetus or decorates curves ...
The alliance of materials thus creates a noble pair between solidity and finesse and offers to those who look at his works hidden treasures of wild nature.
In collaboration with Dominika Pomarańska, unique elements of interior design come out of his hands - functional and at the same time being works of art.


- photographer, sculptor (based in Warsaw, Poland & Sweden)

Rafal was born in Wroclaw. He was amazed with photography since the age of ten, when he discovered the miraculous properties of the photographic paper.
From that moment he did not part with the camera.
At the beginning he worked exclusively with analog photography, and at a time when there were good quality digital cameras Rafal has passed entirely on working with digital photography.
The first exhibition and professional use of photography took place in Walbrzych, Poland in the late eighties. After immigrating to Sweden he began to work
in the advertising industry and used his skills with the creation of various types of campaigns and advertising. At the same time always working on creating his own portfolio, which consisted of photos from different parts of the world, portraits and his own compositions created while using photoshop.
Until now Rafal has had few exhibitions in Lund (Sweden) and Warsaw (Poland), but mainly deals with photography for professional purposes.

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