The set includes:
- Rolls with handles
- track up to 320 cm
- Upper limiters to prevent excessive opening of the door
- Bottom track adapted to doors up to 3.8 cm thick
Track assembly:
- determine the position of the horizontal axis of the upper track (guide). So that after installation the distance of the upper edge of the door leaf from the edge of the door is 20-23mm, and the distance between the door and the floor is at least 10mm.
- set the location of holes and drill holes in the wall. Use a suitable drill bit for drilling, use personal protective equipment when using electric tools.
- mount the top track with carefully selected pins (depending on the wall material) and M10x100 bolts.
- mount the top track in the following order: pin, distance sleeve, flat (track), screw.
- we use stops at the ends of the track.
Installation of the leaf:
- determine the location of mounting holes for system hangers. Drill holes with a diameter of at least 10.5 mm.
- mount hangers of the sliding system with screws (the length of screws should be adjusted to the thickness of the door) and secure with a washer and a cap nut. The connection should be made in such a way that from the side of the hangers there is a nut with a washer.
- hang the door on the top track (guide).
- level with the bottom guide provided. It can be mounted to the floor with screws, double-sided tape, silicone. It performances as a stabilizer.
METALWORK INSTALLATION on the example of vestibule:
1. Fit the vestibule into the brick opening where it should be mounted. Use wooden washers for stabilization.
2. Drill holes in the brickwork. Our product has drilled holes and through them drill holes in the wall.
3. Drill holes 1/1 as many holes in the wall as many holes in the product. Wall plugs and screw will be mounted into the drilled holes.
4. Fasten the screws with plugs into the drilled holes. After finishing remove the wooden washers that had stabilizing function.
5. Refill the space between the wall and the door with assembly foam.
6. If there is a gap between the metal structure and the floor, fill it with silicone. The structure filled with foam and silicone has to dry for 24 hours.
If you order a product and assemble it yourself, step 6 is the last step. If the purchase was with assembly service, we use the silicon to glue the glass at the spot.